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  1. My first tip for reducing food waste is to use a meal planner. I usually fill this out at the weekend for the following week; I have a rummage through my fridge and freezer to see what needs using and I make a shopping list for anything else that's needed at the same time. I also cross reference it with my son's school dinner menu which is posted online.

    It really takes the stress out of meal planning in the week as I don't have to think about what I'm cooking (or reheating!) that evening. I check it in the morning and get anything that needs defrosting out of the freezer. We only plan our main meal (dinner) as we are mostly at work/school during the day, and I prefer to freewheel a bit at the weekend but you can plan all your meals this way (great if you're on a healthy eating programme). I sometimes swap meals around once the week starts as some days you just don't fancy what's planned! I printed this planner from here and I laminated it so I can reuse it week after week, but there are also some great apps if you prefer to organise yourself digitally


  2. 1-7th April is Spring Clearing Week, and it’s a great opportunity to clear out & organise the clutter. One of the areas causing the most stress for parents is TOYS so I thought I’d share some clever ways to store them. Here are a few of my favourite toy storage hacks, which I have used both at home and with clients.

    1. Weapons! As a mum of a 5 year old boy, I can vouch that foam and plastic swords, lightsabres and axes are a pain to store. A really cheap and creative way to storage these is by wall mounting an Ikea Variera plastic bag dispenser (£1.50) using the sticky strips included. You can use them horizontally or vertically (see photos). If wall mounting isn’t an option, try using the back of a door or the side of a wardrobe. They are also great for storing rolls of wrapping paper and yoga mats! Command hooks are great for hanging up larger items such as Nerf guns.

    2. Door storage. The back of bedroom and playroom doors are often overlooked and can provide great additional storage. Over the door shoe racks are a great way to store action figures, dolls or stuffed toys. Alternatively, use stick on hooks at a lower level to hang up dressing up outfits or colourful tote bags to store smaller items.

    3. Storage boxes. I am a big fan of grouping together similar items in smaller boxes as it’s easier for your child to find that particular car, doll or action figure. Dividing up larger boxes using smaller ones can really help with this. Also think about storing games vertically in storage boxes. They’re easy to see and are really accessible.

    If you’d like some ideas on how to keep on top of the number of toys in your house, please see my recent post below