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  1. Toys! Most families with children have too many toys, but the reality is that too much choice can be overwhelming for them. According to research, an environment with fewer playthings is better for kids - those with fewer toys were found to be more engaged, creative and interactive.

    So how do you go about reducing the number of toys that your child plays with?

    Regularly review your kid’s toys; ahead of a birthday or before Christmas is a great time to do this. If they are broken or have pieces missing, bin them. If your child is old enough, get them involved with the remainder; I sell this to my 5 year-old by saying we are making room for the new toys from Santa and friends and family. He will happily discard toys he no longer plays with knowing that they are going to the charity shop so that ‘other boys and girls can play with them’.

    If you’re worried there may be a backlash after getting rid of some toys, try hiding them away in the loft or garage for a few months; if after that time your child hasn’t missed them, you can let them go with a bit more ease!

    If you are still left with more toys that you (and your child) can easily store and manage, try rotating them. Give your child access to a smaller number of toys and store the rest out of reach or out of sight. At regular intervals, swap them around. Each rotation is like getting a new set of toys, making play novel & more exciting. They’re easier to put away as there are less of them, plus is makes it more obvious to see what your child actually enjoys playing with (making the discarding task much easier).

    Also consider experiences as gifts. We were thrilled when L’s auntie and uncle recently gave him a pony ride for this birthday instead of buying him MORE Playmobil. Outings, magazines or membership to a favourite place also make great gift ideas.

    If toys are taking over your house & you’d like some help getting them organised, please get in touch 😃

    Look out for some toy storage hacks coming soon!Toys2