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As part of @apdo_uk ‘s #NOWorganise week, I’m sharing a series of tips on how to reduce food week. Today’s tip is LOVE YOUR FREEZER!

As well as freezing leftover soups, stews and curries, leftover ingredients can be frozen too. And if you’re time poor or food prep is not your bag then ready prepared veg are a brilliant way of reducing waste (I am totally converted to chopped frozen onions), but make sure you recycle the bags!

Here are a few things I regularly have in my freezer:

🥥 Coconut milk - some recipes only require 1/2 a can, I put the rest in a tupperware tub and freeze
🥕 Veg that’s still fresh but I know I’m not going to get a chance to use it before it ‘turns’. I usually steam it lightly in the microwave, drain and bag it, or in the case of spinach I freeze it in the bag it comes in
🍲 Stock - made using leftovers from a roast chicken
🍍 Fruit juice - I buy pineapple & apple juice for a couple of recipes but rarely use the whole carton
🍞 Bread - nearly all bread lives in the freezer in our house. We slice it beforehand if necessary and just get out what we need and defrost it in the toaster or microwave.

Many ingredients can be frozen, if you’re not sure how to go about it or whether it’s appropriate then ask Google. And remember to label everything before you freeze it!

What frozen ingredients do you regularly use??

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